​Loan Periods, Renewals, Fines, and Circulation

  • Books, Audiobooks and CDs: 28 day loan period; 2 renewals; $.20/day overdue fines

  • New books: 14 day loan period; 1 renewal; $.20/day overdue fines

  • Periodicals: 7 day loan period; 2 renewals; $.20/day overdue fines

  • DVDs and Video Games: 2 week loan period; 2 renewals; $1.00/day overdue fines​

  • New DVDs and New TV DVDs: 1 week loan period; 1 renewal, $1.00/day overdue fines

Renewals are permitted only if an item has no reserves. Cresskill materials may be returned to any BCCLS library, and materials from other BCCLS libraries can be returned at Cresskill.


Reserves for unavailable materials can be made. Notification of availability will be made by e-mail or phone call.

Internet Access

The Cresskill Public Library offers free access to the Internet as part of our policy to meet the educational and informational needs of the public.


The public computers can be used by patrons for a one hour session each day.  If no other patron is waiting, the session can be extended for 30 minutes.  Patrons must present either a library card, driver's license or student ID at the front desk before using a computer.  The form of identification will be returned at the end of the computer session.

The Internet is only one of the many resource tools available at the library.  It is a world-wide network of computers that contains material and opinions from a wide variety of sources.  The Internet is an unregulated medium, providing information that may be inaccurate, unreliable, illegal or perceived as disturbing or offensive.  The library neither monitors nor controls the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to oversee a child's access to the Internet, as well as all other library materials.

The Internet must be shared and used in a manner that respects the rights of others.  Library personnel do not monitor or supervise Internet use, except for the length of time a patron is accessing it.  The library reserves the right to intervene and terminate a session if the display of information and images is inappropriate for the library setting, or if it creates a disturbance.

Internet users must abide by the following rules:

  • Computer usage is limited to one session of up to one hour per day, with the ability to extend the session for thirty minutes if no other patron is waiting.

  • Prior to using the computers, patrons must sign in at the front desk and present identification, which will be held at the front desk for the duration of the computer session; failure to sign in will result in the loss computer privileges.

  • No playing of computer games is allowed at any time.

  • A fee of ten cents per page is charged for printing, including patron errors in printing.  Color prints cost twenty five cents per page.

  • Patrons who tamper with computers will be held financially responsible for the repairs.

  • Library computers and printers will be turned off 15 minutes before closing time.

The Cresskill Public Library reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without prior notice.


The following are guidelines for the display of materials at the Cresskill Public Library:

  1. Materials are informative, educational or artistic;

  2. Materials are of a non-commercial nature;

  3. Each exhibit will be of limited duration, generally one month;

  4. All displays are subject to the approval of the Director;

  5. All displays must meet local fire and safety codes;

  6. Each exhibitor must personally negotiate any sales directly with a buyer; the library will not handle any monetary transactions or speak on behalf of the exhibitor;

  7. The library is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to the materials;

  8. Display items must be removed as scheduled;

  9. Display of items does not indicate endorsement by the library.

Library Listserv

A Library listserv, cresskill_library_news@listserv.bccls.org has been established to dispense Library news, in particular news of a Library closing during inclement weather. Cresskill Library card holders who already have an email address on file at the Library are already registered on the listserv.  We ask that any card hold who has not provided us with an email address to do so the next time he or she visits the library. In addition to being on our listserv, patrons with email address on file will receive reminders when borrowed materials are soon to be due, as well as when a requested item is available.

The library also offers a monthly newsletter containing information about upcoming events at the library. In order to subscribe to the e-newsletter please ask a library staff member or email the library at crescirc@bccls.org with a request to be added to the list.

Cresskill Public Library

53 Union Avenue

Cresskill, NJ 07626

Phone: (201) 567-3521

Email: crescirc@bccls.org