Winter Reading Challenge 2021

January 4th - March 5th 2021

Welcome to our Winter Reading Challenge. This year's theme is "Books Like Us"! What better time to celebrate our differences when we are forced to be apart? 

We challenge you to broaden your reading horizons by playing Book Bingo! Each time you read a book (ebooks and audiobooks count!) that fulfills a square, mark it off your your Bingo Board! 

Once you've completed BINGO by filling in a row of five books (diagonally, horizontally, or vertically) you get a prize! If you fulfill each square with a mug on it, you get ANOTHER PRIZE! Want to keep playing? You can get one more prize by filling out EVERY SPACE on your Bingo Board.

Remember: You cannot use the same book on multiple squares. Make sure you write down the title of each book you read in the square it fulfills, or else Ms. Rebecca won't know whether you got a Bingo or not!

Need Help Finding The Right Book? Ask Ms. Rebecca at any time by calling the library or by e-mailing

Click below to get your BINGO BOARD


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